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Creating Calm Relationships is a 2-Saturday course series designed to give you the tools you need to work with your children (and others!) effectively and in a positive manner. Course can also be presented in a 6-week format, if requested.                                           

  • We have several different class options, please Contact Us if you would like to join or set up a class not listed here.    
  • If you are a member of a group who would like us to present a class series or single workshop, please contact us. We are currently conducting workshops in the greater Seattle, WA area.

Current class series: 

No current class series

We're ready to present to your group or school. In-home private classes also available
To schedule a class for your group, or individual consultation, please contact:

Sara Gardner



Communication Facilitation

If you cannot attend a class, or would like help right away, you can work with Sara Gardner to determine your best course of action. In-person, email and phone communication is available. 

To talk to Sara, please email her

What will YOU get out of taking these classes?

  • A chance to interactively role-play solving problems with other parents and educators

  • Concrete information to enhance and improve relationships

  • Confidence in disciplinary effectiveness

  • An understanding of how to address challenging behaviors that are not responding to conventional behavior management approaches

  • Effective guidance on how to assist children who have difficulty with transitions, or who are anxious, inflexible, aggressive or explosive
  • Information on how to implement adjustments in the home environment to ease difficulties that occur during morning and/or bedtime routines, meal times, chores, homework or sibling interactions
  • Insight into your child's lagging skills and a plan on how to increase their ability to respect boundaries, make polite requests, follow directions, cope with disappointment, take into account others' points of view, and solve problems with solutions that are durable and work for both parent and child.

    Other Options

    Presentations & In-Service Trainings: Each of our presenters is available for 1-2 hour presentations as well as 3-6 hour In-Service Trainings. Please contact the individual presenter for fees and availability.

    Email us:

    Sara Gardner, Seattle, WA

    If you have questions, or are experiencing difficulty with the checkout process, please email us directly at  PositiveBehaviorToday@gmail.com


    Positive Behavior Today
    Communication Facilitation and Education

    Currently presenting classes in Seattle, WA area

    Phone: (425) 577-2351
    Email: positivebehaviortoday@gmail.com

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